MDG Joint Programe in Cambodia

MDG Joint Programme for Children, Food Security and Nutrition in Cambodia

The Joint Programme will contribute to the attainment of the Cambodian Millennium DevelopmentGoals 1, 4 and 5 by improving the nutritional status of children aged 0‐24 months and pregnant andlactating women. In partnership with relevant government ministries, it will build capacity to implement nationwide behaviour change communication programmes to promote early and exclusivebreastfeeding, adequate complementary feeding and improved maternal nutrition. In addition, it willimplement a comprehensive integrated package of nutrition and food security interventions to reduce undernutrition and improve food security among a high risk population. The Joint Programme willfurther strengthen nutrition, food security and agriculture policies and develop innovativeimplementation strategies for improving nutrition at population level. It will strengthen existingmonitoring systems, assess the impact of implemented interventions and provide guidance for scalingup the comprehensive package.


1. Joint Programme Document

1.1.    JP MDG-F Revised Proposal MasterRevisions 13 Nov 2009 changes accepted FINAL
1.2.    MDG-F Concept Note Children Food Security & Nutrition (FINAL)
1.3.    CMDG Gap Analysis FINAL
1.4.    Joint Implementation Guidelines FINAL July 2009
1.5.    ToR National Programme Coordinator
1.6.   ToR Provincial programme Coordinators


2. MDG JP Annual Workplan

2.1.    MDG JP Work Plan 2011
2.2.    MDG JP Annual Work Plan 2012 Final

3. Mid-Term Evaluation

3.1.    Cambodia CFSN Final report 7 November
3.2.    Improvement Plan update 22 Dec 2011 Final
3.3.    Summary challenges and lesson learned of JP at National Level
3.4.    Summary challenges and lesson learned of JP Sub National Level


4. MDG JP Advocacy and Communication Plan

4.1    MDG Advocacy Plan_Final
4.2    Advocacy Presentation_malnurished Children
4.3    MDG JP Press Release During launched of the JP

5. Minutes of PMC Meetings

5.1    Terms_of_Reference_for_the_Program_Management_Final
5.2    Report of First PMC Meeing_MDG JP CFSN Final-Sept 2010
5.3    Minutes of Second PMC Meeing_MDG JP CFSN with Annexes
5.4    Minutes of PMC meeting 3-June-2011 with annexes final
5.5    Minutes of PMC Meeing_MDG JP CFSN_16 Sept 2011 with annexes
5.6    Minutes of Fifth PMC Meeing_MDG JP CFSN 13 Dec 2011_with Annexes

6. MDG JP Monitoring Reports

6.1.  Quarterly Color-coded report for Q1&Q2_2010
6.2.  Quarterly Color-coded report for Q3 &Q4_2010
6.3.  Quarterly Color-coded Report Q1+Q2_2011
6.4.  Quarterly Color-coded Report Q3+Q4_2011
6.5.  JOINT PROGRAMME MONITORING REPORT (Jan-June 2010)updated 20 July 2010Master File_Final
6.6.  JOINT PROGRAMME MONITORING REPORT (Jul-Dec 2010)updated 20_July 2010Master File_Final
6.7.   Bi ANNUAL MONITORING REPORT (Jan-Jun 2011) Master File

7    Publications and Policy Development Under MDG JP:

7.1.  FAO-Nutrition hand Book for Family_Eng Version
7.2.  FAO-Nutrition hand Book for Family_KH Version
7.3.  UNESCO-Media Handbook Final_Eng version
7.4.  ILO Photos highlights for MDG JP
7.5.  ILO Study on women working on factories and maternity health focus on nutrition

7.6.  Cambodia Food Security and Nutrition Quarterly Bulletin