1999 National Seminar on Food Security and Nutrition

The National Seminar on Food Security and Nutrition was held 20-21 April 1999, and chaired by Prime Minister Hun Sen, with the participation of the Council of Ministers; the ministries of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Health, Water Resources and Meteorology, Planning, Urbanisation and Construction; and a number of International Organisations including World Food Programme, UNICEF, World Health Organisation, Food and Agriculture Organisation, United Nations Development Programme, and GTZ; as well as other organisations. This was the first seminar on this topic to be held at such a high level. The purpose of the National Seminar was to discuss key food security and nutrition issues affecting Cambodia and to propose strategies to develop sustainable approaches to address these issues.

Key issues of discussion during the seminar included:

  • Land use reform
  • Moving from extensive farming to intensive farming
  • Small-scale irrigation investment
  • Productivity enhancement
  • The relationship between food security and nutrition and how they affect the most vulnerable groups, in order to raise awareness of this silent emergency
  • Reviewing the contemporary situation of food security and nutrition in Cambodia, paying attention to malnutrition and related causes


The Seminar formulated a Resolution, which was followed by Circular 05 S.R. on Food Security and Nutrition in Cambodia, dated 26 May 1999, and distributed to all ministries and local authorities, among other institutions. The Circular assigned responsibility to the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development to act as a coordinating body to work with relevant ministries and local authorities of all provinces in order to implement the recommendations of the Seminar. The recommendations contained in the Circular were addressed to the national or policy level; community or implementation level (province, district, commune, village); and household level. The ultimate goal of the recommendations was to achieve food security for all Cambodians according to the definition “When all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food, and to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life”.

For more details of the recommendations of the 1999 National Seminar on Food Security and Nutrition in Cambodia, see Circular 05 S.R. on Food Security and Nutrition in Cambodia, dated 26 May 1999.

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