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About the Nutrition Working Group (Ministry of Health)

The WG meets on a monthly basis at the National Mother & Child Health Centre in Phnom Penh.

Purpose of the Nutrition Working Group:


The purpose of the Nutrition Working Group (NWG) is to contribute to a reduction in maternal and young child malnutrition by providing technical input (taking into consideration the latest global nutrition technical knowledge, program experience and the current Cambodia context) to:


1. Support nutrition policy development and the planning, implementation, monitoring and

    evaluation of nutrition interventions


2.  Increase advocacy for nutrition and initiate relevant nutrition research and new



3.  Establish and strengthen of linkages, collaboration and communication with other sectors

     working in nutrition and food security by increased networking, participation and input

     into multi-sectoral nutrition forums. 


Contact Person

Name:Dr. Ou Kevanna
Address:National Nutrition Programme, National Mother & Child Health Centre, French Street, Phnom Penh.
Tel:023 428 388

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