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Concrete steps towards a millennium free from hunger


Eliminating poverty and huger is the number one target of the Millennium Development Goals. And yet, five years after the Summit, progress on halving the proportion of the world's population that suffers from hunger is lagging. In 2000, FAO reported that 792 million people were undernourished. While significant success in tacking hunger has been possible in some parts of the world, by 2005, the number of hungry people had grown to 852 million. We still have a long way to; we cannot afford to leave 852 million people behind.
Tacking poverty will not automatically take care of hunger. For example, while the countries of northern Africa and Asia have managed to meet or be on their way to meeting the poverty target.
The world Food Programme (WFP) is working together with its partners in the United Nations, more than 1,900 non-governmental organizations, academic and research institutes, and governments in developed and developing nations in pursuit of a millennium free from hunger


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