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Food Security, Nutrition and Vulnerability related Information and Mapping Systems in Cambodia


The eradication of poverty and hunger is the most important item on the RGC’s agenda. A series of efforts in this regard are currently ongoing in order to develop a clear plan of action for the government to undertake poverty reduction measures. It is now widely recognized that poverty is a multidimensional problem and should be viewed in a broader context than just income poverty and consumption. A study of poverty has to include among other things an analysis of health and education, of malnutrition and hunger, of a lack of shelter, of being vulnerable to natural and other shocks, of feeling excluded from the rest of society and of a feeling of despair and powerlessness1. National rice production is centenary but for reasons ranging from natural disasters to inadequate agricultural policies there are huge problems in distribution and food access for a significant and growing portion of the population. Malnutrition, especially in rural Cambodia, is widespread, particularly among children under five years and among expectant and nursing women. The country’s malnutrition rates are among the highest in Southeast Asia.


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