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Health Sector Strategic Plan 2003-2007


The Mission of the Ministry of Health, Royal Government of Cambodia is commitment to ensure sector wide equitable, quality health care for all the people of Cambodia through targeting resources, especially to the poor and to areas in greatest need. To achieve this mission, the ministry has developed a policy statement outlining future directions for the next 5 years, which have guided this strategic plan development. In summary, the policy asserts that all people in Cambodia, of whatever gender, age, place of residence or ability to pay, should have equal access to good-quality, basic and essential specialised health services, staffed by competent health professionals, and at a cost people can afford; that they should have information that empowers them to make informed choices about matters affecting the health and well-being of themselves and their families. Infant and child mortality rates have actually risen over recent years and the maternal mortality ratio remains unacceptably high. Around half of all children are malnourished. The burden of communicable disease, especially malaria, tuberculosis and HIV is heavy. And, at the same time, chronic conditions related to non-communicable diseases, and to injuries, are emerging as major public health issues.
Critical success factors on which to better plan and build the future have been identified. They include strong political commitment, visible and effective leadership and stewardship, ownership, timely provision of adequate funds, good planning, management, monitoring and evaluation systems at all levels, availability of competent staff and useful medicines, community participation in health activities and forming technical and funding partnerships within government and local nongovernmental stakeholders as well as with
external agencies. To make significant progress towards the achievement of its mission and policy, Ministry of Health has adopted 20 strategies, of which 8 form the essential core, in 6 priority areas of work. These strategies are intended to be the focus for action by the Ministry and all health sector partners over the next 5 years.


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