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Nutrikhmer, Improving infant feeding to reduce malnutrition in Cambodia



The Nutrikhmer project is included in a large nutrition program, NUTRIDEV that aims at improving the nutritional status of infants in developing countries. This program has been implemented by GRET, in close partnership with IRD, for more than 12 years in Vietnam, Burkina Faso, and Madagascar. In Cambodia, objectives of the Nutrikhmer project are to i) design, produce and disseminate suitable and affordable products, in accordance with Ministry of Health Standards, in collaboration with a local entrepreneur, and ii) demonstrate at a pilot scale the pertinence of this distribution when linked to nutritional education campaigns among mothers and pregnant women, in synergy with current projects in Cambodia. The Nutrikhmer project is a good opportunity to introduce another instrument in the fight against malnutrition in Cambodia. Considering the good preliminary feedback from different agencies, departments, and ministries regarding this project and GRET’s, IRD’s and SBC’s experience in the sector, the impact of such as project could be very significant.


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