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The Five Year Achievement Report of The Department of Fisheries (2001-2005) Including The Action Plan for 2006


The purpose of the five (5) year Fisheries Report (2001-2005) is to present the achievements of the Department of Fisheries in its management of fisheries resources over the last five (5) years and following the fisheries policy reforms by the Government in October 2000. The intention is to compare year-on-year results, help us to learn lessons from the last five (5) years and assist us in better development planning in the future. Importantly, this five (5) year Fisheries Report should demonstrate that the Department of Fisheries wants to be ready to face the development challenges in the fisheries sector in the future, particularly in light of the decentralization and de-concentration reforms that are in progress. The Department of Fisheries, in this context, is striving to enhance its effectiveness as a service provider for Community Fisheries, poor fisherman and other “customers” of the Department of Fisheries in pursuit of better livelihoods for the rural poor who depend upon fish and aquatic resources for their livelihood.


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