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The report/documentation of the workshop on”FSN” and Vulnerability related information and mapping systems in Cambodia.


Coordination and networking among stakeholders in the area of Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) in Cambodia was considerably improved during the last years with the establishment of the National Forum on Food Security and the installation of the government/donor Technical Working Group (TWG) on FSN, chaired by the Council of Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD), the Ministry of Planning (MoP), WFP and FAO. Collection of quality food security and vulnerability data, professional analysis of the available information and their user friendly presentation and dissemination are essential to guide the work of the TWG on FSN, to prepare sound strategies and to rationalize the use and targeting of food security interventions. Several initiatives are ongoing or planned in Cambodia to strengthen FSN related information management (FIVIMS/MAFF, CamInfo/NIS of MoP, FS-Atlas project" of WFP and the Food Security and Nutrition Information System (FSNIS) in CARD.

A stakeholder workshop was organized on 5th July 2006 at Sunway hotel in order to better respond to the articulated information needs of stakeholders and to enhance coordination and cooperation among these initiatives/projects. The main objectives of the workshop were:         (i) to present and discuss the on-going and planned initiatives with regard to FSN/vulnerability related Information management; (ii) to specify the need for improved information on FSN and vulnerability; and (iii) to identify areas for improved coordination/cooperation among various information systems. The full workshop documentation is now available at tp://

Based on the documentation, the secretariat of the TWG on FSN in CARD drafted a conclusion of the workshop to be discussed in the TWG-FSN meeting on 1st of August 2006. The draft conclusion is also available at


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