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Infant and Young Child Feeding Formative Research: Breastfeeding Practices in Cambodia


The aim of this research report is to gain a greater understanding of the key factors that contribute to current breastfeeding practices in Cambodia in order to make evidence based recommendations that will contribute to the development of a national communication strategy for IYCF. The researcher found that increased knowledge on breastfeeding from media, health workers, TBAs and elders is slowly resulting in positive changes in behaviour, and that consistent messages from multiple sources have been most effective. The report sheds light on the reasons that some mothers are not breastfeeding, and notes that a greater understanding of these issues provides a base of knowledge and information on which integrated behavior change communication programs can be built. Main issues explored in the research paper are early initiation of breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding, lactation problems, and problems facing working mothers. The paper concludes with a number of recommendations to encourage better breastfeeding practices.


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Doyle, Shirley

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Infant and Young Child Feeding

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