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The Potential of Community Fisheries for Fair and SustainableNatural Resources Management in Cambodia


Following the fisheries reform of 2001 large areas of inland waters and flooded forests were withdrawn from the previous lot system. It was intended to change these areas into “Community Fisheries” (CFs) on a co-nagement basis between fisheries administrators and local residents. Thereby, a more sustainable and socially balanced use of the fish resources could be achieved, as well as the reduction of conflicts between different resource users. With support of “GTZ-Food Security and Nutrition Policy Support Project” a survey on CFs issues was carried out between May and November 2004. The aim of the study was to examine the extent to which the present CFs concept can contribute to equitable resource sharing as well as sustainable management of Cambodian fish resources.


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Torsten M√ľnther M.A

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