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The Strategy for Improving Food Security and Nutrition under the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2006-2010.


This Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) Strategy is the narrative description of the priority goal and objectives for improved food security and nutrition under the NSDP from the perspective of the Technical Working Group on Food Security and Nutrition (TWG FSN). It provides an overview of the issues covered in the TWG FSN Matrix presented to the Ministry of Planning as part of the NSDP process towards meeting the goals of the Government Rectangular Strategy. The inputs of the TWG FSN Matrix are now integrated into the general NSDP matrix for national Cambodian development priorities for 2006-2010, in an ongoing participatory process of NSDP formulation.

This strategy sets out one overall goal for food security and nutrition for the NSDP. It also lists FSN Objectives for each rectangle of the NSDP framework (based on the Government Rectangular Strategy). Under each FSN Objective, a brief situation analysis and a set of tasks for action under the NSDP are identified.


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Kent Helmers (FSNPSP and CARD)

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Council for Agricultural and Rural Development


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Council for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD)

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