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Annual Report The Joint Oxfams Disaster Management Programme in Cambodia


The Joint Oxfams Disaster Management Programme (JODMP) in Cambodia has developed positively during this period and has achieved all of its stated objectives in the Annual Plan (01 May 2002 – 30 April 2003). However, the period was again dominated by serious flooding and drought consecutively in 2002. Despite this, most planned activities have been well achieved.

Great impact has been seen through some project activities such as Food for Work, Cash for Work and Cash for Food, bicycles for women traders and boats for women fishers, etc. Unlike many long-term development activities, it is sometimes easier to measure the immediate impact of emergency response work, and it is clear that the Joint Oxfams Disaster Management intervention improved the situation of the affected populations within its area of operation and alleviated much of the suffering caused by the flood and drought disasters in consecutive since 2000.


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