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Association Strengthening and Gender Mainstreaming in Improving Livelihood of Small Farmer in Tramkak (ILFARM-TK) Project


The JICA supported Improving Livelihood of Small Farmers (ILFARM) Tramkok project is a three-year project. The focus of the project is to promote ecological agriculture technology through farmer-to-farmer extension and association building. The long term goal of the project is to secure sustainable livelihood for small landholders. This mission is to take stock of the approaches and strategies taken by the project so far, and assess its effectiveness and recommend for further strengthening of the project. Especially, it focused on reviewing from the point of view of (1) whether it strengthens or will strengthen the group, (2) whether it allows wider participation, especially from the poor, (3) whether it contributes to gender equality in society.


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Kyoko Kusakabe

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Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture


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