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Improving the Livelihood of Poor Farmers in Southern Cambodia: Quarterly Report – IA (3) Dec 2003 – Feb 2004.


This is a quarterly report on the activities and outputs of the above JFPR Project.

This project aims at reducing rural poverty by improving the opportunities of groups of poor and vulnerable farmers to establish a sustainable livelihood. This will be achieved by providing access to agricultural services and resources through NGOs' direct and intensive support, thereby enhancing the impact of the proposed ASDP on poverty reduction. Under the JFPR Project, the participation of women from rural areas in income-generating activities will particularly be promoted.

The project consists of 4 components:
- Provision of improved access to income generating opportunities.
- Strengthening the absorptive capacity of poor farmers, with special provision for intensive support for landless farmers.
- Capacity building of local CBOs and NGOs.
- Conducting project management, studies, surveys, monitoring and poverty impact assessment.


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Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture


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