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Report on the Review of the Implementation of Minimum Package of Activities (MPA) Module 10 in 2004


The Cambodian Ministry of Health’s Minimum Package of Activities Module 10 (MPA 10) primarily focuses on the five main nutrition programs –Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF), Vitamin A, Iron, Iodine, and Growth Monitoring & Growth Promotion. The main objective of MPA 10 is to improve nutritional status and behavior of the Cambodian people, particularly women and children, by improving quality and accessibility of nutrition services through outreach services with community participation, health centers, and referral hospitals. The training and implementation of MPA 10 began in 2004 and will cover the period of 2004-2008. The objective of this MPA 10 review was to assess the whole process of the implementation of the MPA 10 activities - programmatic, administrative, and finance – in 2004 in the first three target provinces. Findings are to be used to improve program activities in future expansion of MPA 10 to other provinces. The review examined and assessed every step and process involved in the implementation of the MPA 10 activities, including training, implementation of activities, monitoring, evaluation, administration, and finance.


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