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Rice Banks “Lessons Learned from Cambodia"


GTZ/Food Security and Nutrition Policy Support Project (FSNPSP), World Food Program Cambodia, World Vision Cambodia and other partners initiated this research to analyze experiences with rice banks (RB) in Cambodia, especially to assess, document and disseminate best practices of RB. The research findings are expected to help to improve and further develop the rice bank approach, which is considered an important “instrument” in assisting vulnerable households to improve their access to food in time of food shortage. The results of the study indicate that a rice bank has wider impact on the livelihood of the members. It not only contributes to ensure food security for its members, but also contributes to develop human resources, social capital, physical resources as well as in laying the foundation for collective business or cooperatives.


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Centre d’ Etude et de Développement Agricole Cambo

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Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture


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