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SRI Report September 2004


ADRA Cambodia’s first introduction to SRI was on a field trip by team members from the AusAID funded Sustainable Agriculture and Family Empowerment (SAFE) project to
CEDAC2 organisation in June 2002. The SAFE team immediately embarked on trialing SRI in the project target area in the Districts of Kralanh and Angkor Chum in Siem Province. Harvest of the trials was conducted in December 2002, which showed average yield increases of 148% and 85% respectively or 3.24t/ha and 2.3t/ha. Results from the 2003
season showed 130% and 92% increase or 2.94t/ha and 2.26t/ha this showed a consistent higher yield. Reduced results in 2003 were due to poor rainfall in the area, many families
were unable to grow any rice which has resulted in food shortages and reinforces the need to improve methodologies to increase rice yields.


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David V Cowled and the SAFE project team

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Department of Agronomy and Agricultural Improvement (DAALI)

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