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Technical consultancy on situation analysis of universal iodisation production, distribution and marketing in Cambodia – Final r


A successful salt iodisation programme at the national level depends upon the implementation of a set of activities by various sectors.

- Salt producers, salt importers, quality controllers, distributors and food manufactures
- Government Ministries of Industry, Planning, Health, Education, Communication, Commerce, Finance, Legislation and Justice
- Concerned civic groups and NGOs
- Nutrition, food and Medical scientists and other key opinion makers

In Cambodia, even though initiatives were taken to introduce iodized salt for human consumption under the universal salt iodisation project with the target to achieve 100 percent iodization of salt and eliminate IDD by year 2000, (Subsequently revised to 2005), the progress of iodization is very slow and still in the initial stage due to managerial and technical reasons.


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Mr. P. Ehamparam

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