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WFP Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation – Cambodia 10305.0: Assisting People in Crisis (Agenda item 8, in Projects for Exec


The proposed protracted relief and recovery operation from July 2004 to December 2006 is based on a management review and a mid-term review of the current operation and identifies new strategic directions for activities in Cambodia.

The goal of the operation is to improve the food security of people in crisis through food-aid interventions targeted to the hungry poor, addressing basic food-security needs through sector specialization and geographic targeting from relief through recovery and rehabilitation to development.

The operation will focus on:
- education and training to enable poor households to invest in human capital and to benefit the rural poor in target communes where education is a priority;
- health and nutrition to provide care and support for people affected by tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS so that they can receive care and treatment; and
- disaster management and community asset creation to reduce vulnerability, mitigate the effect of natural disasters and provide relief assistance covering the immediate effects of disaster.


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