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Homestead Garden


Home gardening is one of the key intervention strategies that aims to minimize food shortage, provide supplementary food, and be a source of nutrition. The interaction of CARE Cambodia’s CFFS project with communities has indicated that traditional home gardens exist in many of the target villages. However, the quantity and quality of vegetables grown in traditional home gardens has wide variation – from growing a patch of water-grass to big plots containing 6 to 10 varieties. Acknowledging such variation, CFFS aims to (i) introduce home gardens to families that have no home garden, (ii) improve the quality of existing traditional home gardens that are of mediocre quality so as to improve production for consumption, and (iii) support families that have good home gardens to gain some income from home garden production.


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Joseph Kodamanchaly

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CARE International In Cambodia


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CARE International in Cambodia (CARE)

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