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Report of the Process of Community Consultation for Health, Ratanakiri Province


This PLA research was conceived of as a process of community consultation, to assess the priorities for health within the communities that Health Unlimited works with. Though several studies have been conducted by HU recently, including a situational analysis, it was recognized that the process of PLA could give more a more in-depth understanding of health problems, and villager's own suggestions to solve these. This research thus deviated from the 'traditional' research paradigm, where the researcher is a 'neutral' observer, towards a more action research oriented framework, with active engagement from both facilitators and participants. The body of the report presents the findings of the PLA process. These showed that the NGO and participants developed a better understanding of access and quality of health care over time, identified the most common and dangerous diseases in the communities, analysed the causes and effects of illness, and developed recommendations for future action with participation of the communitie


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Ellie Brown

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Health Unlimited


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