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The Joint Oxfams Disaster Management Programme Drought Response Programme in Cambodia 2002


During 2002, Cambodia experienced a severe drought, and it was expected that crop production for the year would not achieve its target and that people living in the affected areas would face food shortages. A Food
Security Assessment conducted by Oxfam in October-November 2002 recommended the creation of a six-month project with the overall goal to reduce vulnerability and increase food security for affected families in 4 districts of Takeo and 4 districts of Svay Rieng provinces.
The main components of the drought response programme, which ran from January to July 2003, were Cash for Food (CFF) for 1,000 families, Cash for Work (CFW) for 1,000 families, the distribution of rice and vegetable seeds for 3,000 families, chickens for 4,000 families, bicycles for 300 families, fishing gear for 1,000 families, and boats for 50 fishery-based families.


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