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Vaccination Survey: Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia, July 2003.


The Government of Cambodia operates a vaccination programme to deliver vaccination against the six major childhood diseases, Tuberculosis, Polio, Diphtheria, Whooping cough (Pertussis), Tetanus and Neonatal Tetanus and Measles. The target groups for vaccination are children under 1 and women of child bearing age (15-45). The programme operates at health centre level and in remote areas like Ratanakiri where the roads are very difficult and the villages far from the health centres. The programme is mainly delivered by outreach services to the villages. The outreach programme is also supposed to deliver food supplements such as vitamin A to children under 5 and lactating women and iron to pregnant women. A de-worming programme is also in place to try to reduce the effects of worm infestation and reduce the subsequent prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia.

The provision of outreach services faces many constraints in Ratanakiri. This vaccination survey was conducted in July 2003 to verify the figures for the EPI and dietary supplement programmes collected by the outreach supervision teams during the support to health centre outreach teams provided by Health Unlimited, in order to identify areas of success and aspects of the outreach programme which still need attention.


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