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Northeast Cambodia Reproductive Health program


Since 1999, PFD has implemented two major programs in Chhlong Operational District (OD): the Northeast Cambodia Child Survival Program (NCCSP) and the Northeast Cambodia Reproductive Health Program (NCRHP). The Child Survival program focuses on control of diarrheal diseases, immunization, nutrition, micronutrients, and breastfeeding promotion and works through a network of VHVs, who conduct community education on these topics and are supervised by Health Center (HC) staff. The Reproductive Health program relies on another cadre of village volunteers known as the Community Based Distribution (CBD) agents. The CBDs are responsible for community education on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), including HIV and the distribution of contraceptive pills and condoms.

This Lot Quality Assessment Sampling (LQAS) survey serves as a final survey for the UNFPA funded NCRHP. (PFD plans to continue the program with support from other donors). The results and analysis of this LQAS will be compared with the Mid-Term Evaluation conducted in February 2001 in order to measure success of the project. The objectives of the LQAS were as follows:

1. To assess change in married women’s knowledge, attitude, and practices related to birth spacing, STIs, HIV/AIDS and other reproductive health issues within the CBD project area.
2. To obtain information about individual supervision areas and how they are performing relative to the baseline data and to each other.
3. To establish baseline data for women regarding gender issues and risk behavior knowledge.


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