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Third Examination of the Stakeholders’ Usage of the Web-based Food Security and Nutrition Information System


Despite be rice surplus at the national level, Cambodia still faces challenges to ensure food security and
some of highest rate of malnutrition at sub-national level. Food security and nutrition (FSN) are therefore still major components of poverty alleviation strategies and key discussion topics amongst policy-makers and development practitioners in Cambodia.
The "Food Security and Nutrition Information System" (FSNIS) enhances the work of the bi-monthly Food Security Forum (FSF), organised by CARD, and the Technical Working Group on Food Security and Nutrition (TWGFSN), chaired by CARD and co-chaired by the Ministry of Planning and World Food Program.To disseminate FSN information among a wide range of government institutions, nongovernmental (NGOs) and development partners (DP) involved in planning and implementing FSN
activities and to offer a publicly available repository of knowledge on this cross-cutting issue, the "Food Security and Nutrition Information System" (FSNIS) was established in 2004. In addition to the web-site (, a CD-ROM is regularly produced and supplied FSN stakeholders lacking Internet access with all relevant FSN information and knowledge.


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Council fo Agricultural and Rural Development(CARD)

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