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Review Report Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition in Cambodia 2008-2012 (SFFSN)


The "Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition"(SFFSN 2008-2012) was developed by the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development( CARD) in a broad process of consultation involving various Government ministries and agencies, development partners and NGOs with the overall goal that “By 2012, poor and food-insecure Cambodians have substantially improved physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.” To reach the goal, five objectives have been defined to increase availability, food access, use and utilisation of food, stability of food supply as well as to enhance the institutional and policy environment for achieving improved food security and nutrition in Cambodia.


Against the background of recent challenges posed by food prices and economic crisis, changes in the policy and institutional context as well as upcoming new strategies and programs related to FSN, CARD and the Technical Working Group on FSN (TWG-FSN) conducted a Review of the SFFSN from September to October 2011, in order to a) assess the actual use and usefulness of the SFFSN for mainstreaming the crosscutting issue in national plans, strategies and programs; b) provide an updated summary of the progress made with regard to SFFSN goal and objectives and make recommendations for future monitoring and evaluation; and c) discuss the way forward and draft a road map for the next steps to elaborate a new FSN strategy with an action and investment plan.


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Council fo Agricultural and Rural Development(CARD)

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