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Can Conditional Cash Transfer Programs Play a Greater Role in Reducing Child Undernutrition?


Conditional Cash Transfers programs (CCTs)—which grant cash to poor families provided they make specified investments in the human capital of their children—havebeen championed as an effective intervention for social protection. Some CCTs include requirements (called conditionalities) related to health and nutrition. Yet while there is evidence indicating that some CCTs have improved the nutritional status of beneficiary children, there has been little commentary on the potential for CCTs to make a greater contribution to improving nutritional status, nor on the programmatic and contextualissues affecting their ability to do so. This paper finds that where utilization of nutrition interventions is low, there is significant potential for CCTs to play a greater role inreducing undernutrition by encouraging groups at high risk of undernutrition to utilize effective nutrition services and by encouraging improved quality of these services.


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