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Innocenti Micronutrient progress report – Scaling up Micronutrient Programs: What Works and What Needs More Work.


The importance of micronutrient (MN) interventions to reduce mortality and morbidity in developing countries has been highlighted in recent high profile publications, and several ongoing global initiatives seek to accelerateMillennium Development Goals (MDG) achievement through MN and other nutrition interventions. Major challenges exist—not in knowing which interventions can produce the desired results—but in delivering these interventions at scale to populations deficient in essential micronutrients. Focusing on improving the effective delivery of MN programs, the Innocenti Micronutrient Program Meeting:• Reviewed, discussed, and synthesized evidence on large-scale program implementation and impact;• Assisted in moving global partners and country-level program managers toward a consensus on appropriate programming guidance; and,• Recommended to the Micronutrient Forum priorities to improve the performance and effectiveness of scaled-up MN programs.


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Rolf DW Klemm, MPH, DrPH

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Micronutrient Forum Secretariat

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