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National Communication Strategy for the Promotion of Vitamin A in Cambodia


Vitamin A defi ciency is a serious public health problem among women and children inCambodia. In 2000 twenty-two percent of rural children 6-59 months of age were found to have sub clinical vitamin A defi ciency indicated by a low serum retinol of <0.70 ╬╝mol/L(Cambodia National Micronutrient Survey, 2000).Vitamin A defi ciency is a major contributor to child mortality. Improving the vitamin A status of deficient children has been shown to improve resistance to disease and reduce illness and mortality signifi cantly, and at low cost. The elimination of vitamin A defi ciency is essential to improving the survival, growth and development of children and the well-being of children and their families. Post partum vitamin A supplementation is also important. Evidence suggests that postpartum vitamin A supplementation can improve the maternal stores of vitamin A,reduce maternal morbidity, improve breast milk vitamin A concentrations and improve infant liver stores of vitamin A.


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