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Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation System for Sustainable Community Forestry Management


With the vision of sustainable Community Forestry management, the Community Forestry Research and Monitoring Project aimed to enable CF management committees and local Forestry Administration (FA) staff to develop principles and tools for monitoring the development of CF organizations and evaluating their performance. Three Community Forestry organizations from Kampong Thom province were selected as key partners of this experimental project that took place over a two years period.The book is divided in to five chapters, chapter1 briefly give an overview of the development of in Cambodia, chapter2 explores the overall process followed by the project and the key concepts used to develop the monitoring and evaluation system, chapter3 present and analyze the results of a baseline and follow up survey, chapter4 written in a collaborative effort by local forestry administration staff. The key lessons learned from the initiative come under scrutiny in Chapter 5 and lessons learnt from this initiative have shown that the role monitoring and evaluation can play in the sustainability of CF management it conditioned by key factors. The long term and sustained benefits can be gained only if the various stakeholders involved commit themselves, with a positive attitude, to effectively plant, implement, monitor and evaluate the impact and performance of Community Forestry. This requires in turn strong commitment and time investment of facilitators and trainers to accompany the process.Document can found at CBNRM LI Library


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