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The 1st - BDP 7C Sub-Area Forum “Stakeholder Participation, Key Issues and Opportunities”


Under the Mekong River Commission (MRC) Basin Development Plan Programme Phase 2 (BDP2), a series of Sub-area activities is one of the most prominent means to promote stakeholder participation and decentralize the basin planning process. Sub-area activities includes a host of planned activities at the sub-area1 level such as the development of tributary profiles, participatory assessment of significant projects, transboundary and sub-area meetings which will be conducted, led and jointly operated by the BDP and its stakeholders in the Lower Mekong Basin (LMB).In the BDP Phase 2 (2006-2010), Sub-area forums (SAFs) is planned to be held at least 4 times in each of the sub-areas until the end of the programme’s phase - for which the objectives of theforums will be slightly different in terms of each sub-area’s socio-political, social and environment context. Nevertheless, the prominent aim of the SAFs is to develop a participatory process and mechanism of the basin planning from the national tributaries to the regional LMB. In implementing IWRM, sharing concerns and different values in the use of water resources from a wide range of key stakeholders, as well as development of social knowledge will be spotlighted within dialogues and debates activities in the SAFs.


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