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Report of National Representative Survey of IODINE Nutrition And Implementation of Universal Salt Iodization Program in Cambodia


A 72-cluster representative nationwide school-based survey was performed in Cambodia in March-April 2008. Three clusters were randomly selected in each of 23 provinces and Phnom Penh city representing both urban and rural populations. Within each cluster (school) 30 samples of salt from schoolchildren’s households were tested qualitatively for iodine with RTK, every forth salt samples was tested quantitatively for iodine with WYD tester, and 15 urine specimens were collected for urinary iodine (UI) measurement. Totally, 2,329 school-children aged from 8 to 10 were assessed during the survey. The objectives of this survey were to provide information on coverage of Cambodia population with iodized salt, determine status of iodine nutrition of the population by measuring urinary iodine (UI) excretion, allow for comparison with previous surveys to determine whether the situation in Cambodia has improved or deteriorated.


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