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Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition 2008-2012 (SFFSN)


"The Council for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) has developed the "Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition 2008-2012 (SFFSN)" in a long process of broad and in-dept consultation with the Technical Working Group on Food Security and Nutrition (TWG-FSN) and line ministries as well as relevant stakeholders from both the government and development partners. Recently the SFFSN has been finalized, and officially endorsed and signed by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC). 

The SFFSN is a reference framework of the RGC, which should help to adequately consider (mainstream) the cross-cutting issue of food security and nutrition in national development plans, relevant sector strategies and
programs. With more than 36 % of children being chronic malnourished, food and nutrition security (FNS) is still an important development concern for Cambodia and appropriate actions to enhance the availability, the access and the adequate utilization of food are central to reduce poverty and to achieve the MDGs for Cambodia. The current problem of soaring food prices present a further new challenge and underlines the need for specific
attention on FSN. The SFFSN provides a comprehensive analytical framework for FSN in Cambodia and outlines priority actions across various sectors.


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