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National Vitamin A Policy Guidelines


One of major contributors to under-five mortality in Cambodia is vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A supplementation can effectively improve conditions for survival, health and development for children aged from 6 to 59 months and their families. Observably, the risk of measles mortality by about 50%, diarrhoea by about 40% and overall mortality by 23% is reduced by Vitamin A. Cambodia in the mean time is in the process of increasing the coverage of Vitamin A Supplementation for children and post-partum women so as to achieve a Sustainable National Standardized Vitamin A Program. The country goal is to reach 90% coverage of vitamin A for children of above-said ages by 2015.

The Micronutrient Technical Working Group chaired by the NNP has revised and updated the National Vitamin A Policy Guidelines using the latest scientific evidence and country program experience. This updated policy guidelines document replaces the National Vitamin A Policy of February 2000.


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National Vitamin A Policy Guidelines