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Natural Agri-Products Marketing


With this newsletter CEDAC wishes to inform customers of the Natural Agri-Products Shop and the interested public about the principles and practices of organic agriculture and related concerns. CEDAC supports local products grown by following organic agricultural principles and aims to facilitate the marketing, so that organic farmers can obtain a premium price. By promoting natural agriculture, CEDAC wishes to con¬tribute to the protection of the health of consumers and to ensure environmentally friendly production. More and more food producers claim that their prod¬ucts are of organic origin. For consumers, it is quite difficult to verify such assertions. In order to protect consumers against deception and fraud in the market place and unsupported claims, CEDAC came up with its Standards for Natural Agricultural Products. Likewise, the Standards protect organic producers against distor¬tions. The essence of this document is summarized in this issue. With future issues we hope to inform you on trends in agriculture and the food markets which can affect food security andfood safety.


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Natural Agri-Products Marketing