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Agriculture and Rural Development Project in Cambodia with Scope of Human Security - Nurturing Self-reliant Rural Community


Human security is a key issue when implementing agriculture and rural development projects in developing countries. The Kingdom of Cambodia has entered to the development stage from the reconstruction stage after one decade from the first free general election held in 1993. In the last decade physical and social infrastructures have been improved and the security of the country has been improved. However, we still observe many difficulties in the implementation of development projects in rural areas. Some enjoy development while more remain in poverty. Sometimes we find bigger gap of wealthy among rural people than that of before, if not all the time. Some negative impacts of reconstruction and development process were created during the recovery period. Most donors did not pay much attention to negative impacts of rural development projects because pro-poor projects were believed to bring only positive impacts.


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Kunihiro Tokida

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Battambang Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Project (BAPEP), MAFF

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