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Annual Activities Report of The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Secretariat


The System of Rice Intensification was originally developed in Madagascar. It is a set of sustainable rice farming technologies that can help small farmers to significantly increase their rice yields without depending on hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is a low-input technology, which can be flexibly applied based on the enabling factors (farm condition etc.). Since 2000 a number of organizations and local NGOs1 have implemented the SRI approach on a pilot level to investigate how these techniques work under different agro-climatic and soil conditions as well as to further develop SRI methods in the Cambodian context. In 2002, approximately 2600 farmers were working with SRI elements on various scales. By late 2005, an estimated 34,000 farmers were using elements of SRI methods. The SRI Secretariat has fulfilled a very useful role in coordinating SRI-related activities and in disseminating, documenting and facilitating information and knowledge management with regard to SRI, involving implementing agencies, national-level policy-makers, donors and other stakeholders.


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Chey Tech and Heang Rattana, SRI Secretariat at DA

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The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Secretariat at DAALI/MAFF

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