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Workshop on Impact of Economic Downturn on the Poor and Strategic Responses

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The NGO Forum and CEA is organizing a discussion workshop on Impact of Economic Downturn on the Poor and Strategic Responses on July 01, 2010 at Imperial Garden Villa and Hotel. The main purpose of the workshop is to follow up the policy responses mentioned by the government officials and development partners. The workshop discussion will serve as a platform for key experts and policy makers of the Royal Government and development partners to have more in-depth discussion on policy responses with relevance to the research report findings conducted by CEA and future policy responses to cope with the negative impact of the downturn on affected groups identified in the research study.



  • Present and discuss the relevant research findings on impact of economic downturn at
    macro and communities level;
  • Discuss more in depth on the remaining impacts, existing policy responses to mitigate
    the impact, and future direction to address the impact among representatives from
    Royal Government (i.e. SNEC, MEF, MLVT, MAFF), and Development Partners
    (UNDP, World Bank, ILO).

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NGO Forum

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NGO Forum

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Imperial Garden Villa and Hotel

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