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Linking Information and Decision-Making to Improve Food Security in Selected Countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion

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In the context of the global food security thematic programme of the European commission, FAO is implementing a regional project on linking information and decision making to improve food security for selected countries in the greater mekong subregion. Cambodia is one of the participating countries and MAFF is the main implementing partner.
In order to implement the project smoothly, planning workshop is proposed to be organized on 02 December 2009 by FAO and MAFF. The main objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Review the scope and expected outputs of the project on market information and intelligence, climate-induced agricultural disaster preparedness and risk mitigation, and chronic food insecurity and vulnerability assessment; and
  • Finalize the work plan of the project in consultation with key national stakeholders concerned.

The participants for the workshop will be representatives from key government institutions, NGOs and development partners. Below is the proposed agenda for the workshop.

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Hotel Cambodiana

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