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Workshop on "Social Safety Nets and Human Capital. The role of Cash Transfers in supporting the poor while addressing child malnutrition"

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Following the recommendations of the "Social Safety Net Forum" from July this year, the Council for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) in cooperation with World Bank UNICEF and WFP will organize technical consultations involving relevant line ministries, development partner, NGOs and international experts to discuss on cash transfer as an instrument to mitigate negative impact of economic downturn on child and maternal nutrition and invest in human capital in Cambodia.The workshop will be held the 19th of October in Le Royal Hotel and is expected to generate options for a future cash transfer program in Cambodia.


Folder Contents as well as other relevant documents:


1.Workshop Papers

  • Agenda(Khmer/ English)
  • Concept Note(Khmer/ English)
  • Presentaion:The Use of Cash Transfer Programs to Address Malnutrition(Khmer, English)
  • Guidelines for working groups(Khmer/ English
  • Factsheets on cash transfer programmes around the world(Khmer/ English)


2.Papers from the National Forum on Food Security and Nutrition under the theme of Social Safty Nets


  • 10-Point summary of conclusions from the National Forum(Khmer/ English)
  • Presentation on cash transfer delivered at the National Forum(Khmer/ English)
  • Matrix summary of cash transfer group discussion at National Forum(Khmer/ English)


3.Background Cash Tranfers/Nutrition/Social Protection


  • CARD, WB, WFP, Concept note, Safety Nets in Cambodia, June 2009 (Khmer/ English)
  • UNICEF, A Global Social Floor, April 2008(Khmer/English)
  • World Bank, Conditional Cash Transfer: Reducing Present and Future Poverty Summary Overview,February 2009 (Khmer/English)
  • Can Conditional Cash Transfer Programs Play a Greater Role in Reducing Child Undernutrition:(English)
  • 2008 Cambodia Anthropometric Survey (CAS), NIS/UNICEF (Khmer/English)
  • National Nutrition Strategy 2009, MoH ( Khmer/English)
  • World Bank, For Protection and Promotion: The Design and Implementation of Effective Social Safety Nets, Summary Overview, October 2008 ( Khmer/English)

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Council for Agricultural and Rural Development

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Le Royal Hotel

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