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Training Workshop with Commune Councils

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Since early 2006, the Cambodian Centre for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC) has been engaged in the Local Administration and Reform (LAAR) program with the aim of strengthening cooperation and interactions between commune councils and farmer organizations, so that they take collective action to address local development issues.


 The specific objectives were to:

  • Increase citizens’ engagement in local governance
  • Increase the capacity of the Commune Councils (CCs) to effectively address the expectations, priorities and needs of citizens.
  • Increase the opportunities of engagement to CCs, citizens and civil society in a policy of decentralization.


To ensure the achievement of the above objectives, CEDAC is organizing a Training Workshop for 49 Commune Councils from Kandal and Takeo province at Pic Nic Resort, Koh Kong province on 21-23 July, 2009.

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Mr. Yi Kimthan

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Koh Kong province

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