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Mainstreaming of Food Security and Nutrition in Sub National Plans 10 – 11 June 2009

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FAO-Multidonor Partnership Programme (FMPP) on Food Security Policy for Poverty Reduction in Cambodia (implemented by FAO and CARD, funded by the Netherlands and Norway). This policy project strives at integration of food security and nutrition into the country’s national (NSDP) and sub national policies and plans and, at a later stage, the implementation of these policies and plans requires a solid understanding of food security and nutrition issues. Also, the project supports the food security information management and strengthens the analytical skills of Government officials with regard to FSN.

The major outcome of the project is that the Royal Government of Cambodia addresses the concerns of food insecurity and malnutrition adequately in its NSDP extension until 2013 and the strategy on agriculture and water (SAW).

Capacity development is central for mainstreaming FSN. The purpose of this activity is to enhance the capacities of key actors at national level to formulate, implement and monitor FSN policies/strategies and programs.

FMPP is thus trying to work out with all stakeholders at the sub-national level as its first entry point, taking consideration of engaging in all steps of planning process from May to October 2009:

  • First review presentation on FSN with key provincial facilitators and district actors was just conducted last 29 May 2009 at the pilot province.
  • A second review presentation will be conducted at commune level with key commune actors, mainly in the two existing pilot districts between 10 and 11 June 2009.
  • Full 3-day trainings will then be followed for the commune councilors either by end of June or early July right before the preparation of commune investment plan (CIP).

The presentations will be made by members of National Trainer Pool from 10 to 11 June 2009 in different communes (see a schedule below).

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FMPP Project

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Oum Kosal

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Takeo Province

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