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World Food Day/TeleFood Event in Cambodia 16 October 2008

Event detail:

The World Food Day 2008 will be organized on Thursday, 16 October 2008 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), FAO and the WFP. The Event is to commemorate the 63th Anniversary of the establishment of FAO in Quebec City, Canada on 16th October 1945. The Theme selected this year’s World Food Day is “World Food Security: The Challenge of Climate Change and Bio-energy”.

The Event will be presided over by H.E. Dr. Chan Sarun, Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries honourably participated by H.E. Mr. Rath Vireak, Secretary General of CARD, H.E. Provincial Governor of Kampong Speu, Dr. Omar Salah Ahmed, FAO Representative and Mr. Bradley Busetto, Acting Country Director/Representative of WFP.

About 200 Government officials including embassy representatives and 600 farmers will be invited to participate in this important Event. Rice seed and chemical fertilizers will be distributed to 600 farmers. Each farmer will receive 20 kg of rice seed and 50 kg of fertilizers.

Objective of the Event

The objective is to raise public awareness of the fight against world hunger and to promote universal food security by taking the opportunity provided by this year’s theme, to mobilize through the global event, a wide spectrum of governmental and civil society organizations concerned with the issues of hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Special efforts will be made to mobilize governments, civil society organizations, religious organizations, and associations of women and youth, as well as the local media, in an effort to reflect on the theme and to mobilize the general public in support of the fight against hunger, under-nutrition and poverty. 

World Food Day Programme



The Event will be conducted at the Nitan Commune, Borset District, Kampong Speu province. Detail agenda is enclosed.


Information/Promotion Campaign and Media Coverage


All participants will parade from the location of event to the fishing farm of Mr. Ken Heng and will continue to see other activities such as sweet potatoes, and taro farm.


The local media such as newspapers, TVs will be invited to participate and to publish the WFD/TeleFood Event. Smart Game within this year World Food Day’s theme will be performed by the popular comedians

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Soy Seung

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Nitan Commune, Borset District, Kampong Speu province

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