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The National BCC Strategy for IYCF and Vitamin A

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The National Behavior Change and Communication Strategy for Vitamin A (2009-2012) has been drafted and shared to the stakeholders for discussion. To review and finalize the National BCC Strategy for Vitamin A, the National Maternal and Child Health Center of Ministry of Health organized the 2days workshop on 1st and 2nd July 2008 at Koh Kong Province with the support from UNICEF, A2Z and WHO. The objectives and expected outcomes of the workshop following:

The objectives of the BCC workshop:

  • To finalize the national communication strategy  (2009-2012) and operational plan for Vitamin A supplementation
  • To select the preferred option of the creative brief for Vitamin A communication plan (3 options)
  • To develop the national IYCF communication strategy (2009-2012) and operational plan on complementary feeding practices for 2009

Expected Outcomes:

  • Vitamin A Supplementation Communication Strategy (2009-2012) and 2008/9 Operational plan
  • IYCF Communication Strategy (2009-2012) and the 2009 Complementary Feeding Operational Communication Plan
  • Preferred option for Vitamin A supplementation communication brief
    Tentative Agenda of the workshop


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National Maternal and Child Health Center

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Dr. Ou Kevanna

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Koh Kong Province

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