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Sub National Training Course on Food Security and Nutrition in Bati district, Takeo province 05-07 May 2011

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The Council for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) collaborated with Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nation (FAO) under supported by EC is conducting a three-day Training Course on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) at Bati district, Takeo province on 05-07 May 2011, in order to equip planners and decision-makers at the sub-national level with understanding and knowledge on basic concept of FSN.


Therefore, the main objectives of the training are to enable the participants to:

  1. Understand the basic concept on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) and become aware of the importance of FSN for any further provincial development,
  2. Know about the analysis and assessment instruments and data sources,
  3. Identify intervention strategies and action for improved FSN in their areas, and Integrate FNS aspects into provincial strategies and plans

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