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Group Remind Farmers to Select Seeds Carefully

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In an effort to boost rice yields and meet export targets of one million tons by 2015, the Cambodia Center for Study and Development in Agriculture has launched a campaign to remind rice farmers to select quality seeds from their crop for the following’s year planting. CEDAC’s president, Yaing Saing Koma, told farmers at a workshop in Phnom Penh yesterday that about 20 people will ride bicycles from Phnom Penh to Takeo, Kep and Kampot provinces in November to remind farmers of the importance of selecting healthy seeds before the rice plant is harvested.


“Selecting and holding on to domestic rice seeds will help farmers increase their yields,” he said, adding that if farmers selected the best seeds, yields in the country could increase by at least 30 percent.

Many farmers in Cambodia forget to collect the healthiest seeds for the following year’s harvest, meaning that both yields and the quality of the crop suffer. “I never select the rice seeds,” said Has Saveun, 32, a farmer in Prey Veng’s Kampong Trabek district.

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The Cambodia Daily, March 16, 2011, page 27, by Chhorn Chansy

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