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Strawberry Fields Bear Fruit in M’ kiri

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A pilot strawberry farm that agriculture officials hope will bring a new crop to Mondolkiri province is showing signs of success four months after it began, officials said. The farm planted in November on a half hectare inside Sen Monorom City is already producing 20 kg of strawberry every other day and demonstrates the possibilities for crop diversification in Cambodia, said Bou Savuth, director of the provincial agriculture department.


Strawberries are produced by all of Cambodia’s neighbors, particularly Vietnam, which borders Mondolkiri province. The strawberry farm belongs to Te Duong Dara, director general of the Cambodia National Petroleum Authority, who could not be reached for comments.

Mr. Savuth said the province had 10,000 hectares of jatoba, pine and rubber trees and could expand to 80,000 hectares. Peng Sambath, Sen Monorom governor, said the elevated altitude and cool weather in Mondolkiri could be appropriate for strawberries, but the farm is only part of a larger plan to expand agriculture.

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The Cambodia Daily, March 10, 2011, page 27, by Hul Reaksmey

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