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Cambodia Needs More Seed Production Industries

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Agriculture experts and economists said that Cambodia stills needed additional seed production industries to ensure rice production growth and the government’s policy on rice exports. The experts in economy and agriculture have seen that changing rice seeds for farmers would boost additional crop yields that ensure additional exports to international markets, stating that sowing purified seeds would result in increase of crop yields by 20 to 30 percent more than traditional ones.


But a report issued in January 2011 by the Economic Institute of Cambodia (EIC) showed that almost all of Cambodian farmers still used seeds they had kept since their last harvesting season to sow in the coming season. Sowing these traditional seeds not only limits crop yields but also decreases the yield due to degradation of these seeds.

Nov Seiha, research unit director of the EIC, said that growing traditional seeds is a challenge for domestic rice production growth.

The report by EIC pointed out that Cambodia’s seed production industries remain so limited that it is not able to change the farmers’ traditional ways of rice growing.

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Voice of America, February 24, 2011, by Pech Samang

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