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The United States to Grant $56 Million for Agriculture

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The United States plans to grant $56 million in 2011 through USAID to support five-year projects in an attempt to develop agriculture in Cambodia in order to abolish hunger and poverty.


Mark Wenig, US Embassy spokesman in Phnom Penh, told Radio Free Asia January 11, 2011, that “I think we focus on agriculture to enhance agricultural productivity and food security and to promote investment in agriculture and manage sharing inputs and nutrition. This is what USAID focuses on.”

The American project named Harvest is for environmental and ecological sustainability and rural vulnerability and closely associated with public sector, civil society and private sector.

This funding mainly aims to strengthen food security, enhance agricultural productivity, generate more income for the rural poor as well as minimize the number of Cambodians suffering from malnutrition.

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Radio Free Asi, January 12, 2011

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